Britney Spears’ pimped out hubby K-Fed was frightened that he would end up like all of his ‘hustlin’ homies’ in the gangsta life, after watching his friends get shot up or locked up for gang activity.

The rapper wannabe first became involved with gangs in L.A. and remained involved when he moved up north to Fresno, California.

He says, “I moved back to Fresno and the gangster stuff started coming along.”

“It was crazy for a while. Crazy like shooting at people, people getting robbed.”

“A lot of my people got locked up; a lot of my people are dead. I’m not gonna sit here and get into details about what I did.”

“I’m not gonna sit here and say that I’m this grimy, gutter, gangsta. But I have been on the hustle.”

Excuse me while I gag.


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