Britney House of Blues Update

May 14, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger! I got word early this morning that Britney WILL be performing in Orlando on the 19th at the House of Blues, but has cancelled her New Orleans show. I was also told that she is moving the show from New Orleans to Miami for the 20th, but… there is no House of Blues in Miami. Maybe Britney has something special up her sleeve for Miami (remember she performed her Showtime Onyx Hotel Tour special live in Miami) Just speculating. Also rumored that they might announce the show as the M&Ms “featuring Britney Spears.” I was waiting on some confirmation before I posted about her cancelling / moving shows, but have not received any official word yet, and decided to post what I do know.

If / when I find out more information, I will let you guys know.

Update: Britney will be performing in Miami at Mansion by The Opium Group