Please God no!

Britney was spotted at new Hollywood hot spot Haute on Friday night with EX-backup dancer and ~alleged~ cokehead TJ Espinoza, according to new reports.

“Britney went to visit her long-time back-up dancer and friend, TJ Espinoza,” said a source. “She stayed for about 30 minutes and just hung out with TJ dancing in the DJ booth.”

They rarely let her go out, and when they do it’s with this douche?

File this under the ******** category…

UPDATE: TJ Espinoza sent BreatheHeavy a quote about the story above: “I swear on MY entire life everything I am and my familys and that’s a HUGE statement I Have Never Done Coke!”

TJ also clarified that he did NOT hang out with Britney on Friday.

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