Britney thinks her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, is fat.

According to the National Ledger, Britney spent $70,000 on Jason’s looks, including blond streaks for his hair, a beard trim, even higher personal trainer Stephen Boggs to get him toned up.

It quotes a friend of the star saying: “She shelled out $20,000 with the goal that Jason loses his love handles and 20lbs. She signed him up for six months’ worth of personal training with Stephen Boggs, who whipped her into shape for the Circus tour.

“Like Brit, he has also got a soft spot for fast food. She has now hired a food delivery service for Jason for one month, costing $1,500 a month.”

She even reportedly got Jason a new wardrobe: “She has dragged Jason all over LA. They hit up Maxfield, Fred Segal, Nordstrom, Planet Blue and Barney’s. “She ordered up everything from new boxer shorts, fitted shirts, jeans, swimming trucks, sunglasses and jewelry.

She dropped $25,000 in a few days. “Six months ago, Jason looked like a typical office schlub. He had a gut, grey hair and wore khaki Dockers pants and button-down shirts. Now he’s hot.”

“Not only did Brit want to show Jason how much she cares about him,” the friend added, “she also thinks he needed an upgrade to better match her style. She splashed the cash to give him a total Brad Pitt-style makeover. Britney is totally infatuated with Brad.”

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