Pop tart Britney Spears reportedly hired a private **** to check out the tabloid rumors of hubby Kevin Federline and **** star Kendra Jade.

The allegations were quite detailed and came from the American tabloid ‘The Star.’

The claim, a K-Fed **** star tryst allegedly happened during the time when Brit had reportedly kicked Kevin out of the house and took away his Ferrari. Brit bailed to Louisiana to re-group and seek support and advice from mom and Kevin wound up in Vegas with Kendra.

No *** was alleged, only a heavy make out session.

Now Life & Style weekly says Brit plunked down some cash for a private investigator to chase down the rumors and give the pop tart the facts.

The tabloid reports that the investigator asked Kendra and she claimed, “There was no ***, and that she never got pregnant.”

The report doesn’t say whether the report satisfied Britney.

-Tina Sims

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