X17 is reporting that Britney and the enabler Adnan Ghalib were spotted at the Palm Desert Daily Grill earlier this morning in Palm Desert, California. Somehow the two managed to sneak passed all awaiting photogs.

While at the restaurant, there are reports that Britney enjoyed a mimosa inside the restroom celebrating her hospital release (what the hell). Will give her the benefit of the doubt.

After they finished breakfast, the two walked down the street seemingly careless of the paparazzi attention, followed by a rumored trip back to his house in Palm Desert (located 120 miles outside of L.A.).

I hear they are on their way back to L.A. to stay at the Shutters hotel.

Sam Lutfi has proclaimed his concern for this user by saying that “he is worried about Adnan’s influence over Britney” and that “he firmly believes Adnan has ulterior financial motives.”

Clearly this Ghalib freak is exploiting Britney for all she’s worth. Instead of caring for her, he is using her for money, and influencing her in negative ways. She’s in a fragile place, and for him to be using that to his advantage is sick. HE’S SICK!

Get this **** away from her!!!

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