Troubled pop princess Britney Spears might just have a “full reconciliation” with members of her family this weekend. Her younger brother Bryan has been acting as a “go-between” with Britney and her estranged mom, Lynne. Now today (Saturday) sources confirm rumors that Lynne and Brit’s younger sister are en route to Vegas to ‘meet up’ with Bryan this afternoon—and hopefully Britney.

Wynn hotel security escorted Britney, her brother, her two young baby boys, a nanny and her bad-boy bodyguard from the resort Thursday afternoon—as reported first anywhere right here at LUXE LIFE— under orders from hotel mogul Steve Wynn himself. She desperately made frantic phone calls to Vegas friends—including Palms hotel owner George Maloof and the owners of Pure Management Group—for help. Britney is contracted to open PURE’s newest nightclub LAX at the Luxor on Memorial Day weekend. Click here for all our first-before-anybody-else reports of her troubled Vegas visit.

Rumors circulated late yesterday (Friday) that Britney persuaded them to arrange rooms at Caesars Palace—and that’s where her mom and sister will headquarter for the weekend intervention and long hoped for reconciliation. The singer/dancer had been asked to leave the Wynn hotel, when her bodyguard, Julio Camera, was cited by Vegas police after investigating his punching one of two photographers.

Britney’s bodyguard now faces a possible six-month jail sentence for “the battery charge” of assaulting a photographer. Although Britney claimed the photographers had injured one of her young boys, her attempt to have Vegas police officers cite the lensman failed as they could find no evidence of any injuries to little Sean Preston. Thus no charges were filed against the paparazzi.

In addition to the Wynn debacle, Britney’s former husband, Kevin Federline, had his lawyer on Friday demand Britney return to California with their two young babies. She violated a court order not to leave the state without K-Fed’s written permission. It is believed that Federline talked with members of the Spears family to ask them to come to Vegas and resolve the situation.

Britney had originally come to Vegas for a mini-vacation with her two children and had hoped to see tonight’s (Saturday) Fergie concert at the Palms. As predicted in earlier LUXE LIFE reports this week, Paris Hilton will be attending The Pearl theater’s show on her first return visit to Vegas since her release from prison on a drunk-driving incident involving her suspended license. Paris, who normally pals up with Hard Rock showman Jeff Beacher, is expected to be with her sister, Nicky on this trip—and the entire LA platoons of paparazzi are invading Vegas in the event they all show up together at the Palms and PURE at Caesars.

Ironically it was at a Caesars Palace restaurant that Britney and would-be rapper Federline had a scream-fest over dinner during their brief marriage where she fled in tears to her suite and he strolled into the PURE nightclub which is where he shot his music video later.

The world has been asking why this 25-year-old pop-star has displayed seven non-stop months of ever-worsening bizarre behavior since I witnessed her collapse at the PURE nightclub on New Years Eve and why she has fired her advisers and business team and cut-off both family and friends.

“There is no doubt that she is experiencing the height of paranoia” I was told. “One can pretty much accurately guess why she is so paranoid: the screaming, the constant bathroom visits, the erratic mood swings and inexplicable behavior. She believes everybody—including her family, sadly—around her has been there only using her to make money for themselves and helping themselves to her fortune. It’s a classic Hollywood tale thats been repeated time and time again. It’s pathetic that as America’s No. 1 pop-star she got caught up in an evil party world surrounded by hangers-on, drugs and drinking. Either Federline or her mother and sister have to do something now before it’s too late and we have the final headlines of a tragic ending.”


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