Britney Hangs With Friends At Station Hollywood Lounge

March 4, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Though she is the most photographed person in history, Britney escaped cameras and any sort of photographic evidence to prove she was out with friends at outdoor lounge Station Hollywood at the W Hollywood in L.A. this week.

Brit ordered a Diet Coke at the lounge, but was informed they only serve Pepsi products.

So what happens when you’re the biggest star in the world and you demand a Coke? You get your Coke, dammit!

“An employee ran down the street to bring the singer back her brand of choice,” reports

Brit spent the rest of the night laughing and talking with friends, acting “super relaxed and courteous.”

Sigh. I hope they’re not counting the bodyguard and Brett as friends…

Hope she had fun!