Britney Spears is grooming her younger sister for chart success.The pop babe, who wed second husband Kevin Federline last year, has written and co-produced the theme song for younger sister Jamie Lynn’s debut TV show, ‘Zoey 101’.But 13-year-old Jamie says she is no rush to follow her sister into pop.She said: “I love to sing but I just don’t want to do it right now.I got to go into the recording studio and do all that stuff, so it was fun.”

Britney recently slammed reports that there is a rivalry brewing between the pair.In a notice posted on her official website,, the 23-year-old babe blasted reports that she was competing with her little sister.

She wrote: “Since the age difference between Britney and Jamie Lynn is so great, Britney has always taken on a mother figure role to Jamie Lynn and not just that of a sister. There has never been any sibling rivalry between these two and Britney couldn’t be more proud of Jamie Lynn and her career success.” thanks

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