Britney Grabs A Coffee Bean

Britney and her boyfriend David Lucado grabbed a drink from Coffee Bean in Calabasas on Saturday.

Brit texted on her iPhone as they made their way back to her car. That, or she’s playing Bejeweled. She rocked a tank, gym shorts and David’s Virginia Tech hat.

Reports started by X17 circulated last week claiming the couple broke up, but now they’re “back together.”

A source tells X17online:

“, ‘Britney was lonely without him. Things were tough with her concert schedule in Vegas so the two took time off, but her family knew they’d get back together. David was there waiting for her.”

Hmmm, Britney hasn’t had a show since May, so…

Regardless, it’s great to see the legendary Miss Britney Spears out and about!

Britney Grabs A Coffee Bean

Images: X17online