(Dec. 19) — TMZ has obtained a $10 million lawsuit filed by Britney Spears against US Weekly magazine over an article that asserted Spears and her husband Kevin Federline shot a *** tape of themselves.

The article, “Brit & Kev: Secret *** Tape? New parents have a new worry: racy footage from 2004,” claimed that Spears and Federline showed it to their lawyer and expressed fear that “…a member of their entourage has threatened to release raunchy footage of the two…”

The suit, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that the article, which ran in the October 17, 2005 issue, is an “outrageous fabrication.” In legal papers, Spears’ lawyer, famed attorney Marty Singer, claims there was never a *** tape and that US Weekly was “maliciously standing by the bogus story.”

The suit seeks $10 million in damages, an award of the gross revenues received by US Weekly for the alleged “unauthorized use of Spear’s name, photograph and likeness” and other damages.

Singer told TMZ.com, “Britney has finally decided to take a stand to put a stop to people fabricating these malicious lies about her.”

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