Britney Spears says she’s changing up Piece of Me next year!

Britney Gives Warm Candid Interview To Nova 969

Britney Spears is turned on in her latest Australian radio interview.

Earlier today (June 4), BreatheHeavy reported an interview Britney gave to 2day FM where she admitted she paints ******* to Mariah Carey’s recent “Infinity” record. Epic. She’s moving on from the artsy fartsy endeavors to chatting it up with Nova 969’s Fitzy & Wippa in this beautifully relaxed open chat taking place in her rose garden, dahling.

What you need to know from Britney’s latest interview:
– Jealous of their Australian accent
– She’s in Louisiana Los Angeles
– She lives in a suite 10 minutes away from the Axis theater
– Her ankle is totally fine
– Sean and Jayden like her music, but are into rap music and obsessed with skate boarding
– Changing Piece of Me up next year
– Has no idea where her “Baby One More Time” outfit is
– Going to text Iggy congratulations
– And Britney claims Kevin Federline is a DJ(…)

Listen below: