During her media tour, Brit hit up the MTV Europe studios for a sit-down interview!

Can’t wait!

UPDATE: The MTV interviewer posted her thoughts about meeting Britney on her blog:

Very lovely, very sweet and very pretty. There was a strange aura around her though, something that made me want to give her a hug. This is a girl who we’ve watched grow up in front of us ( some of us have grown up with her in fact) She’s had her good times AND bad times on public display. We basically know EVERYTHING about her without actually really knowing her.

Her beautiful puppy dog eyes seemed a little lost at times during the interview but when she talked of her kiddies or laughed at a joke her whole face lit up. She chatted about being a mammy in this bizarre industry and gave some words of advice to the pregnant Beyonce as well as joking about Gaga’s male alter ego ‘Jo Calderone’ trying to kiss her at the VMA’s – she didn’t know it was going to happen! Her smile is direct from a beauty queen pagent, a smile that she probably is forced to use even if it’s not how she is feeling. She was the utmost professional and a very warm person and 100pc dedicated to her fans. The 13 year old inside was not let down by this talented if at times troubled popstar. And Queen Britney reigns on…

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