“Extra’s” learned that Britney’s estranged ex, Kevin Federline, visited the pop princess at the Promises rehab clinic in Malibu Friday.


Host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS discusses his decision not to poke fun at Britney Spears on his show with Early Show Correspondent Giuliana DePandi.


While Craig Fergurson (CBS late night host) was supportive of Britney, David Letterman… not so much (a little, I guess). Thanks chrisbrownweb.com.

I got an email from Philip C. who was listening to z100 today (New York City’s biggest radio station) and this is what he had to say:

This morning on Z100, a radio station you’re most likely familiar with, since its the most popular station in the New York area, they did something really great for Britney. First they just were giving news, about how she attacked the car and paparazzi because they were antagonizing her when she couldn’t see her kids. Theyn one of the DJ’s, Danielle, was like, You have to see the video, they are are saying “We love you Britney,” and Danielle was just like, Yeah right, you do. (With total sarcasm lol) Then Elvis proceeded to say how they’re all very worried because they discussed it during one of the song breaks. He said how when she shaved her head they found sort of funny, but sad, because it was something bizarre. But then he said how they’re really worried something more serious than what’s happened as of now will happen, so that’s when Elvis Duran called in a guy named Garret, who I guess runs his website, and asked him to remove all the Britney stuff from the Z Morning Zoo website, and hoped that he would start a trend, to just give Britney peace, much like you did by promising not to post paparazzi shots while she’s in rehab. Then Danielle even said she’d be leaving Britney out of her “Sleaze Report,” which is her gossip section. They all said they hoped that other people would follow and that one day maybe they could keep Britney out of all the news/gossip reports and that Britney would be happy. I found it really great, and I’m sure other fans would like to hear that people are really rooting for Britney.


Phil C.

Here is another email from a guy named Mat from Washington DC:

Hey Jordan,
Just wanted to write you a friendly little e-mail on some Britney news from the nation’s capital. Our local station, Hot 99.5, which is based out of DC had some pretty noble things to say about our Queen of POP.

First, they had the tattoo artist from Body and Soul tattoo parlor where Brits went. She said Britney was no way drugged out or on any sort of substance. They felt that she was under a lot of pressure of the paps and the 100 people standing outside. They said the 2 hours that she was there, she was clam and polite and talked to them like a normal person. She felt that Brit might of came in to get away from the crowd (which got larger the longer she was there). Britney picked up some jewelry and asked the store to play Janis Joplin while she was there.

Second, today, they had 4 women on the radio that shaved their heads for Britney. They were awarded $500 and donated their hair to locks of love. There was also a salon present who also donated $500 to either locks or love or Britney’s charity (I missed that part).

The DJ’s who are usually pretty harsh, were very nice to Britney.
Thought you might like to read some positive news!!!!

Washington DC

Here is an update from Rosie O’Donnell’s blog:

britney… my heart breaks
i want to smash those photographers
with something heavier
than an umbrella

Gwen Stefani is one of the latest celebrities to send well wishes out to troubled popstar, Britney Spears. Gwen, who empathizes with Britney’s role as a mother of two young sons – Gwen’s son Kingston is about nine months old – said she wishes she could give Britney a kiss.

London’s Daily Mirror quotes Stefani as saying’ “I used to live in the same area as Britney for a while. I just want to scoop her up and give her a kiss. I hope she’s all right. She’s just had a new baby and stuff. I hope she can just enjoy it because it’s an incredible thing.”

Like Kelly Clarkson and Britney’s ex’ Justin Timberlake, Gwen said that she liked Britney’s new bald look. She said’ “She looks good with her hair shaved off.”

Ellen Degeneres: “I’m leaving Britney alone, and hopefully she get helps.” I won’t be poking fun at Britney Spears at the Oscars on Sunday night.

– Thanks for the updates guys!

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