What a whirl-wind of a morning! Here’s what it comes down to. Britney WILL get more visitation time with her kids due to her progress in cleaning up her life, as well as the conservatorship. Unfortunately, the custody orders have not changed, meaning Kevin still has sole custody of Sean & Jayden.

“After the hearing, Britney was spotted smiling and leaving with her parents, Jamie and Lynne. When asked if she were happy, her attorney Stacy Philips gave a smile and a thumbs up sign. Lynne and Jamie were smiling and talking to each other,” according to Us Weekly.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin’s lawyer, stated that the custody changes are “more than it has been.” Kaplan said the modifications to custody made today will be made “in the near future” and Kevin’s “goal and his hope is his children will have the benefit of having two parents participating actively in their lives… We are pleased with the progress that seems to be occurring. I think that we will see other indications of progress on the side of Ms. Spears… I think the children are doing really great, and that is the key question, and that is what this is all about. Kevin’s goal & his hope is that his children will have the benefit of having two parents that are participating actively in their lives. That will be something that he looks forward to. When that will occur, I can’t tell you that. One step at a time.”

Allan Parachini, a rep for the Jamie & Lynne Spears, said “We are so pleased with Britney’s progress and we are very appreciative of the courts recognition of this progress. There was a modification of the pre-existing custody order. There will be a progress report on July 15th, and another court hearing sometime in August.”

Both parties will be back in court on July 15.

All in all, a success for Britney, and one step closer to gaining more visitation with her boys!

UPDATE: Sources close to the custody case tell TMZ Britney Spears will get three days supervised visitation a week, significantly more face time than she gets now.

It is unclear whether she has overnights with the kids [sources say very soon, possibly month]. A source close to the fam tells us Brit is aiming to get back 50/50 custody by August.

We’ve also learned Britney will spend Mother’s Day with the kids. – TMZ.

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