Britney Gets Intimate In New Lingerie Snap

Britney debuted her latest flawless Intimate Collection lingerie photo Monday morning, and your favs could never.

The “Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door” singer says she “can’t wait” for women (and probably a lot of gay men) to get their hands on the new line, telling E! News:

“It is so important for women to feel confident, **** and empowered, especially in those private moments with the one they love. The Intimate Britney Spears will do exactly that. Each line in the collection is beautiful with vintage inspired details, and fit for all women.”

She adds: “I love feeling ****, so this is definitely a passion project for me.”

Lookin real pretty, Brit Brit!

See the new photo after the jump:

Britney Gets Intimate In New Lingerie Snap