Britney Spears will reportedly earn $6million for having a baby.

The singer, who gave birth to baby son Sean Preston last week, and her husband Kevin Federline will receive the huge sum after agreeing to a number of TV, photo and endorsement deals showing off the new arrival to the world.

Britney, 23, and Kevin have allegedly accepted over $3million to show home-video footage of the birth on their popular reality TV show ‘Britney and Kevin: Chaotic’, and will be a paid a further $1.5million for a magazine deal featuring exclusive pictures of the child.

The couple is also rumoured to have agreed a deal worth over $1.5million to video the first few weeks of Sean Preston’s life for TV.

Meanwhile, Britney’s baby has had a smoothie drink named after him. The singer’s dad, Jamie, has introduced a new drink at his Californian cafĂ© JJ Chill named after the newborn tot, who has been called Sean Preston. JJ Chill co-owner Joseph Nejman revealed: “We’re introducing a new smoothie in honour of Britney’s boy. We’re calling it the Preston Smoothie and it consists of fat-free frozen yogurt, strawberries and mangoes.”


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