Britney Gets A Sneak Peek At Jamie Lynn’s New Song “Sleepover”: Watch

June 28, 2016 By Jordan Miller

“This should be a huge hit,” Britney says of little sis Jamie Lynn’s country tune “Sleepover.”


“This should be a huge hit,” Britney says of little sis Jamie Lynn’s country tune “Sleepover.”

Last week, JL dropped her pleasant new ditty “Sleepover,” which tells the story of wanting an old-fashioned relationship and taking it slow. To promote the record, JL filmed a documentary for TLC titled Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out, which details the making of the song and everything leading up to the release. That includes an appearance from her big sis Britney Spears and brother Bryan.

“To get my whole family together is like trying to launch a space-craft,” JL said in the doc. But fortunately for her, Brit cleared her schedule to make sure she supported JL’s budding country music career. The siblings popped into Jamie Lynn’s recording session where she played them the song for the first time.

“I know she’s been working really hard on her music, and I’m genuinely a huge fan of her gift as a musician and an artist,” Britney says. “I’m so incredibly proud of her.”

JL asks if Britney and Bryan can check out her performance at the Grand Ole Opry, but Brit fibs and says they can’t make it, but we know it’s because she had plans to surprise JL on stage before her set.

Watch the love fest go down here:

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