Britney Spears has surely got married into one wild family for Kevin Federline’s can give the `Brady bunch’ serious competition. According to the New York Daily News, Britney is quite happy to be a part of the family that includes two sets of parents, six siblings (one full brother, a stepbrother and stepsister and three half-brothers) as well as three siblings’ spouses, two nieces and a nephew. “It’s one of those really blended families. In Kevin’s family, there are divorces, remarriages and lots of kids – and now grandkids. It’s quite a brood,” a source was quoted as saying. Kevin’s dad, Mike Federline and his mom, Julie Lynn divorced in the 1980s when Kevin and his younger brother, Chris were kids. His dad then married Collette who had two kids from her first marriage, Dustin and Nicole. Kevin’s mom, Julie, married Coby Bleak and had three more sons. thanks

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