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Christina Aguilera is about to embark on her first tour in nearly 10 years(!!!), but perhaps once the trek wraps… she’ll ready a residency in Las Vegas(!!!).

In a new interview with EW, Legend X was asked whether she’d join the likes of Britney and Gaga in the desert. It wasn’t a resounding YES, but it certainly wasn’t a no, either.

Sidenote: Go Knights go!

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“I’m not gonna rule anything out,” the pop star said. “I’m a very spontaneous person. It would really have to make sense. I’d have to do it completely different in my way.”

Then, it appears she begins to re-think things.

“I’ve never been a Vegas-y kind of girl. I like to hit it and quit it. Get in and out. I need the comforts of home.”

Same, tbh.


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X added: “I am a cozy queen. Like cushion-y soft, candles. Don’t get it twisted — that’s not being a diva, that’s just being comfortable [laughs]. Get me out of my sequin dress, off the red carpet, and into some cozy sweatpants or a kimono and I’m happy. Thank you!”

In the same interview, Christina also opens up about her forthcoming album, Liberation, working with Kanye West, The Voice and more. Read the full chat here.

Vegas is one of THE music capitals of the world, and residencies are no longer a move to revive a career. Some of the most influential pop stars on the planet are performing / have performed almost exclusively in Vegas. I’d love to see Christina launch a show of her own. I imagine it would sell quite well!

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