For all intents and purposes, it appears Britney wants fans to back down from the #FreeBritney movement.

The pop star posted a video on social media yesterday saying she’s doing fine, and in the caption area defended her family and team from scathing comments made by a small portion of her fanbase, as well as debunked emails from 2007 that made the rounds on stan Twitter and Exhale that allege she was unhappy with her team at the time.

Prior to the post, Britney, who remains in treatment, was spotted getting frozen yogurt. The Blast has a video of it. They say “her team are making a very public push to show the singer is on the road to wellness.”

When asked if she has a message for her fans, Britney said “hello.”

It is believed Britney has nearly completed her program at a mental health facility and will be out any day.

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