Britney Spears’ baby plan may be going to the dogs.

The pop star is having second thoughts about starting a family right away because she has discovered that caring for her three pooches, Lacy, Lucky and Bit Bit, takes a lot of time, says a friend of the Spears family.

The starlet is also concerned about hubby Kevin Federline’s involvement. “It has occurred to Britney that Kevin isn’t a great help in cleaning up after the dogs,” says the source. “And he might not be too eager to be on midnight diaper patrol either.”

And with all the hours she devotes to the dogs – who sleep in their own nursery on Shabby Chic sheets – Britney can’t imagine fitting kids into her schedule right now.

“The other night Britney was leaving with Kevin for romantic meal, but Bit Bit whined and Whined and refused to be left,” says the insider. “Eventually, they stayed home and ordered takeout.”

Credit — BritneyAccess.Com

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