Several MTV reps emailed BreatheHeavy to promote their Pop Star Elections 2010 campaign!


“If you’re an American and over 18 and able to leave the house, you should, at some point today, find yourself inside a voting booth where you’ll be choosing the people who get to lead America for the next couple years. That’s very important, but it’s not really that fun. Which is why we’ve put together the “Pop Star Elections,” something that’s not important at all but is tons of fun (hopefully). Now, before you enter the virtual voting booth below and select a president, vice president, Senate and House of Representatives of pop, you should know that none of this actually means anything. None of these people will actually lead anything, except, of course, our hearts.”

Britney is up against Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

Piece of cake! Come on fans, let’s get Britney this title! Click below to vote:

Queen of Pop today, President tomorrow, taking over the world next. Good luck!

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