According to, Britney is on her way right now to Kentwood, Louisiana for Jamie Lynn’s baby shower.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: According to Life & Style, Britney IS in fact travelling to Kentwood today, and will be attending Jamie Lynn’s baby shower at Serentiy; the house Britney bought for her mom. Unfortunately, Jamie wasn’t too keen on the idea of Britney leaving L.A. and heading to Kentwood: “At first, Jamie [Brit’s dad and also her guardian these days] didn’t think it was a good idea for Brit to go. He thought it might create chaos in Kentwood, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to put Jamie Lynn, or Britney, in the middle of that. Britney can�t travel without Jamie’s permission, so she worked really hard to talk him into it; it was so important for her to be there for her little sister. He finally gave in, knowing it’d be good for Brit and Jamie Lynn to finally see each other.”

Why doesn’t Jamie want to go? You think he’s still disowning his daughter for getting pregnant at 16? I wonder if Lynne had to ask for permission from Jamie to go to the shower too? So many questions, so little answers.

UPDATE: “Also in town is Spears’s father, Jamie, who remains in legal control of her affairs until a July 31 hearing.” –

GOOD! =]

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