Avert your eyes, ladies and gentlemen. Britney Spears is taking charge of her own publicity. The pop-tart turned mother-of-two broke up with her longtime flack Leslie Sloan Zelnick just after Labor Day, vowing she could handle the PR duties related to the birth of her second son, Sutton, on her own. (Her music rep, Sonia Muckle, is still on retainer.)

Expect more classic TV moments such as Spears’s interview with Matt Lauer last June, when the Today host arrived to find Kevin Federline’s disheveled wife alone at her Malibu mansion in runny makeup and fake eyelashes. Of course, Sloan Zelnick may be relieved. “If Britney were my client, I would fire her,” says a rival flack. “Why work with someone who clearly doesn’t want to listen?”

At least Britney’s first move since the split was a smart one. According to multiple sources, Spears negotiated an enviably lucrative deal for the exclusive rights to the first photos of Sutton. Although OK! magazine made a strong bid that one source says was close to $2 million (another source involved in the talks pegged it at far less), Spears turned OK! down in favor of a deal with People, who also snapped her first kid, Sean Preston, and her wedding to Federline. “That was smart,” says an insider. “OK! is famous for not paying people on time.”

Source: Radar Online

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