Britney may be getting some Nyla’s Burger Basket faster than you can say “Huh?! Is it really on the bus?!” According to, Britney will be jetting back to her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana for the birth of Jamie Lynn’s baby girl at the end of June, and plans on staying awhile. “At the baby shower, she told her little sister she wanted to be there for her the entire time,” said a friend close to the Spears family. “I’m not sure how Casey is going to feel about that. But Jamie Lynn seems pretty excited.”

Here’s the problem. Britney has to ask her father Jamie, her conservator, for permission to go. “She had to ask him if it was OK to go back for the shower,” said the friend, adding that the baby shower was the first time Britney had been home in 16 months. “He has to give her permission to travel, and the money to do it. It’s not that he doesn’t want her there for her little sister. It’s just that he thinks it’s best to keep Britney close to home right now.” The source goes on to say that Jamie will most likely agree to the request: “It would be pretty coldhearted to say no.”

Aunt Britney. Has a ring to it!

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