Britney Finally K-Fed Up With Husbands Antics?

March 3, 2006 By Jordan Miller

Life & Style will report in this week’s issue that Brit’s friends say she is finally ready to call it quits and is K-Fed up with husband Kevin Federline. “I don’t think Britney will be as forgiving as she’s been in the past,” a pal tells the magazine. “Kevin knows it’s over this time.”On Feb. 25, as Brit was reeling from the photos of Kev with another woman, her cousin Art Spears, 52, was quoted in the London newspaper ‘The Mirror’ predicting a divorce.

“I don’t think Britney and Kevin are going to stay together,” he said. “Her son is her life, and she will obviously do whatever is best for him. But does that involve Kevin? I don’t think so. As reported earlier Brit was furious when Kevin was spotted and snapped by photogs outside Hollywood’s Millennium Studio getting very cozy with a pretty blonde, later identified as French dancer-actress Sandy Lakdar, 25.

Will that be enough to hold off a Brit – Kev split? Perhaps.
And the report cites an insider that says Britney “feels like such an idiot.”
The split watch is on.