Britney Filming Cameo Today

July 9, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney is shooting her cameo for Madonna’s “Sweet & Sticky” tour this afternoon. According to, Britney and the extras are filming the elevator scene right now.

UPDATE 2 — 11:38 am PST: Britney is currently in hair and makeup, and wearing a gray hoodie. Madonna will arrive to the set shortly.

UPDATE 3 — 12:30 pm PST: Britney on set: “She is wearing pretty much all black including a black hoody and black Nikes! She is in a great mood and came down briefly to say hi to everyone.”

UPDATE 4 — 1:32 pm PST: Britney is still on set and shooting. It is rumored that Madonna may actually be in New York. A source on set tells X17 what they are shooting is “Literally a skit/ short movie of sorts. She’s extremely professional on set!”

Stay tuned…