Pop diva Britney Spears is fighting desperately to save her 1 year marriage to aspiring rapper Kevin Federline (we imagine it’s the amazing *** she has with the rapper that has her fighting). According to sources spilling to Star Magazine, after a big blowup last week, the songstress dashed to her mom’s to escape her problems.
Mommy, Lynne, who questioned Kevin’s supportiveness while Britney was pregnant, instructed Britney to go back home and work things out.

So Britney returned to LA on Oct. 26, and, according to sources, laid down the law.

“After Britney asked Kevin to start being more responsible for a new baby and a new wife,” a source says, “he asked Britney to forgive him. When he realized she meant business, he decided he’d better shape up – before Britney asked him to ship out.”

Credit: BritneyExperts.com

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