Britney Spears says she “owes” it to her fans to explain her marriage and other things that need clearing up, and will do so in a letter. But the recently married Spears will charge her fans $24.98 to read that letter.In what she’s calling “The Letter of Truth: I Hope You Can Handle It,” Spears told a UK paper that she will address whether or not she is pregnant. She said the letter took a week to write and was “life changing.”The letter will be posted on her fan club web site, which is where the money comes in to play. A one year membership costs $24.98 and includes such things as photo galleries, news releases, and the ability to buy tour tickets early.Spears was supposed to post the letter Friday, but a post on the site said she is not finished.If you don’t want to pay, you can wait till one of the fan club members posts it on a pop-related message board, or pay up and do it the honest way.

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