A Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake collaboration. GO!

OK, hear me out first.

JT is back on top of the music charts after years of focusing on movies, and that’s where we like him. His new release, “The 20/20 Experience” is a smooth, cohesive album with only 10 tracks, but averages seven minutes per song. He’s back in the game, and Britney’s never left. Our girl is currently recording her eighth studio album, so it had me thinking about a potential collaboration between the former flames. Dream song or potential nightmare?

Teaming up with Will.I.Am proved to be a great move; it’s a super successful track world-wide and continues to dominate despite being released months ago. It’s time for the next dream collabo, and if Miley isn’t going to make the cut, maybe JT could. Or… should.

Here’s a few reasons why I think a Britney and JT collaboration would be iconic (a choice word for Britney fans).

1. Both artists individually make innovative music. 1 + 1 = 3. Or in their case, ½ + 1½ = 3.

2. They started out in the Mickey Mouse Club. If any of those former Mousketeers are going to make a hit song together, it’s these two. Sorry Xtina, hit up JC Chasez?

3. Their fanbases are huge. HUGE. They both appeal to all types of people – one reason their music continues to sell fifteen years after their debut.

4. Everyone loves a good story. The concept alone of pop royalty teaming up is iconic (I can’t help it!), but add to the mix they once (very publicly) dated, and you have the ingredients for a controversial dream team.

5. JT still has Brit on the mind. He’s mentioned her numerous times in the last few weeks, and hell might even still be in communication with Britney on the DL. Jamie Lynn’s Tweet was very suspicious. Just saying.

6. And the music video. Oh the potential!

Sure, I know how this post sounds (‘creepy and ‘**** no’), but the two on a track together is pop magic, and I’m all for that. It’s time for a more experimental sound, and JT could be that added shabam, because steamy pots of vegetables just won’t cut it.

What do YOU think? Are you down for a Brit/JT collabo, or is this just an awful idea? Post a comment in this thread and let us know what YOU think or register an account and start interacting with your fellow Britney fans.

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