We know Britney’s featured on Will.I.Am’s new album #willpower on a track called “**** ****,” but now Will wants Brit to lay down her vocals
on a track with Cheryl Cole, according to new reports.

“There were rumours earlier this summer that the pair were going to duet but it wasn’t until this week that Britney and Will had the discussion,” a source told The Sun. “He’s been trying to get them together since before he came on board as Cheryl’s manager.”

They claim Will is working on production duties for album 8.

“He told Britney he was writing a great new track and wanted his ‘two favourite girls’ to record it together at his home studio,” declared the insider.

Earlier this summer, Will said it’d be “dope” if the two crafted a song together.

Love Cheryl Cole, but definitely not feeling a collaboration between the two.

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