Fantasy… everybody has one, naughty or nice.

Britney: Fantasy Remixes Are Provocative, Sensual, Tempting

Note: the artwork above is fan-made because I refuse to support the basicness of the original. Yuck.

Britney is a nice girl at home, but on stage she’s Britney, ***** – a perfect way to describe her new Fantasy Britney Spears, The Naughty Remix and Fantasy Britney Spears, The Nice Remix perfumes.

“The fun thing about my job is that I get to act out some of my naughtiest fantasies on stage and in my music videos—like the Naughty Remix fragrance,” Britney tells E! News of her latest Elizabeth Arden venture.

Britney: Fantasy Remixes Are

She continued, “They’re all a little provocative, sensual and tempting.”

Cool, but where’s the men’s cologne?