The Britney Army has spoken…

Brit's Hair Stylist Defends Wigney Controversey

The Britney Army has spoken: Wigney’s gotta go.

On Friday, Brit traded all the wigs – including the one in Baby One More Time – for her real hair (you know what I mean), but opted for the controversial hair piece on Saturday.

This outraged fans. How could pop princess Britney Spears look less than perfect? Why should she be allowed to choose a wig that rests on her head? Doesn’t she know people paid good money to see her flip her natural hair?! God dammit, Britney! Conform to what we want of you!

Britney Fans Wigging Out

Fans set their sights on Glenn Nutley’s Instagram, spamming his posts with comments like:

“#freeBritney ! burn all the wigs! #burnthewig”

“We’ll be crying Til the wig ends”

“come on!! Please stop using the wigs! Everyone can tell that it looks horrible”

“the first wig just isn’t working, makes B look like a drag queen! We’ve seen how splendid she looks when her hair is natural! Or else, you should change it into something like the brunette wig. Fans should see the line between the forehead and the wigs!!”

“The wigs are taking away from Britney’s stage presence. When Britney is wearing a wig her dancing is not only effected, her entire look is effected, which is imperative to the Britney Spears brand.”

Protect. The Brand.

Though his comment is since removed, Brit’s hair warrior stepped in to defend her. He replied, “love to know what you think when you actually see the show ;-] stage hair and makeup is designed to work with costume and set design and is an element of an overall production which doesn’t translate to some iPhone pic and vids you can see online… Hope you enjoy the show when you get to see it!”

Maybe it’s BRITNEY who wants to wear the wig and doesn’t give a **** whether you or anyone likes it or not.

What do YOU think? Should someone pull Britney aside and tell her that wig isn’t the most flattering? Is it any of our business? Leave a comment in Exhale.