A driver called 911 Friday morning while Britney’s tour bus passed through the north state on Interstate 5 near Cottonwood.

According to Redding.com, “a motorist called 911 around 9:40 a.m. to report her entourage was being harassed by three people in a car, said Kurt Heuer, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.”

Brit’s tour bus was heading southbound near Bowman Road in the Cottonwood area, when it was “approached by three young women or girls who tried to get the 27-year-old singer’s attention.”

“Apparently it was just some people who wanted to say hi to Britney, if it was even her,” Heuer said.

The tour bus did not stop while en route to Sacramento, CA.

“Heuer said Spears’ fans weren’t cited, but officers warned them to leave her alone.”

Her fans are the craziest…

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