Britney Fans All Over the World Want Britney

September 3, 2004 By Jordan Miller

I was out in a club tonight (02Sept04) and asked for Bobby Brown: My Prerogative. The DJ said, “Its one of the best ever… But you’re clearly a Britney Fan yeah?” and finished with “I’m waiting for her take on it! She’ll
get the crowd going!!” He played My Prerogative followed by a mega mix of Baby/Crazy/Slave/Overprocted/Boys. Then the full song Toxic!!! The crowd went MAD… how that song missed out on a VMA is beyond me! VMAs may never have been her highlight, but EMAs are a different story! The girl rocks Europe and we cant wait for EMA 2004 over here! GO BRITNEY!!

Sent in by Callum from the UK