Britney fan and BreatheHeavy reader, Jasmine, recently lost everything, including her thousands of dollars worth of Britney memoribilia, including magazines, CDs, all of her music (unreleased b-sides, performances etc), dolls, calendars and more. She tells me:

“My name is Jasmine and I have been a huge Britney fanatic for half of my life. She’s meant the world to me and makes all my ****** days just a little bit better. Since I was 13, I started a Britney collection of all sorts of memorabilia, and on this last Thursday April 12, I came home to my apartment being destroyed by a fire. Along with losing all of my family’s possessions, I also lost my coveted Britney Spears collection. So I made this video and I hope that all of you guys can watch it and share it! I would love for Britney to somehow see this.”

Such a bummer to hear about this; hopefully your luck turns for the better. You may have lost your coveted collection, but you and your family are OK! From one Britney fan to another, keep your spirits up!

Wish her well on Twitter (@lilbabyjazzy).

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