Ever since BreatheHeavy broke the news that Britney’s single is out Monday through a Facebook campaign, there’s been a plethora of opinions on Exhale.

One member says:


“Why can’t Jive/Brit’s Team release an official annoucement about the single & the album with a new promo pic on her official site, like every other artist? At least all of us would have been pleased that we know where we stand & what to expect.

This whole Facebook messaging thing is so amateur & sounds like something a beginner would do in a small record company .


Others don’t feel so upset. In fact many, including myself, think this is a great social media marketing strategy to expose the new single with ease! One says:


It’s not stupid. It’s very clever. This is one of the easiest way to support Britney, it takes just one click. Why is it that hard for some of you?…

This is a very clever way to make everyone talk about it.”

What do YOU think?

Image: x17online.com

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