**** singer Britney Spears is searching for a big property since becoming engaged to dancer Kevin Federline and she has her eye on the home of colossal basketball ace Shaquille O’Neal. Prior to announcing his departure from the Los Angeles Lakers to Florida’s Miami Heat.
O’Neal and his wife Shaunie put the Beverly Hills home on the market for $7.5 million.

And while his former neighbour Tom Arnold admits he’s extremely sad to see the sportsman go, he’s excited by the prospect of having 22-year-old blonde beauty Spears as a neighbour.

Arnold says, “It’s sad to see Shaq’s empty house. Everything is bigger so it’s hard to see the windows. You have to bring a ladder. Britney Spears was actually looking to buy the house, so things are looking up a little bit.”

The seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom home, which sits on slightly more than an acre, boasts a movie theatre, which has a video game area and a wet bar.

The house, which sits in a gated community with valley and city-to-ocean views, also has an elevator, an office, built-in fish tanks, a small recording studio, a gym and a master suite with two bathrooms.

And Arnold warns Spears she shouldn’t be alarmed if she sees him out on the front lawn in his underwear with a pack of beer.

He jokes, “Well, Britney will probably relate to that, if you know what I mean. She’ll probably be like, ‘I feel (like I’m) right back in Louisiana!”

If step-mother-to-be Spears buys the house, she will also take charge of O’Neal’s tropical fish – including one huge catfish called BUBBA – which dwells in his impressive aquarium.

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