Britney Expected To Appear In Court Tomorrow

September 15, 2008 By Jordan Miller

Britney Spears is scheduled to appear at Los Angeles Superior Court tomorrow for hearings regarding both her astronomical legal fees as well as her driving without a license case.

Last month it was determined that Spears owed nearly three quarters of a million dollars to her attorneys as well as those representing her ex-husband Kevin Federline. Spears’ attorney Stacy D. Phillips is seeking $407,000 for four months worth of work on Spears’ custody case, while Laura Wasser, who took over the case in June, is seeking nearly $60,000 for two months of work. Additionally, Spears previously agreed to pay $250,000 to Federline’s lawyers, bringing her total legal bill to around $716,000. Any payments must be approved by the Los Angeles court commissioner, and attorneys representing Spears’ and her father’s interests stated last month that they intend to contest Phillips’ bill. The hearing to review the legal fees has been set for 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Additionally, there will be a preliminary hearing tomorrow morning for Spears’ driving without a license case. Almost exactly a year ago, Spears was charged with driving without a license as well as a hit-and-run causing property damage, though the latter charge was dismissed several months ago. Two weeks ago, Spears’ attorney Michael Flanagan requested that the case be dismissed, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James A. Steele delayed a decision on whether or not Spears would stand trial.