Britney Spears will soon collaborate with Madonna again, and the embattled singer is psyched to reunite with her idol, says a pal.

The pop icons are teaming up to film a segment that is expected to be part of Madonna’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour. “Britney is excited, but in a grown up way,” says the source, who has seen the singer through her recent ups-and-downs. “She has come a long way in the last year.”

According to the source, Spears, 26, who used to make headlines for her late-night outings and reckless driving, has been showing new signs of maturity. “She has settled down and is full of life but not childish,” says the pal. Under the supervision of her father, Jamie, Britney regained overnight visits with her sons, Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, and has also re-teamed with her former manager, Larry Rudolph.

“Working with Madonna is a dream, but I think she feels like it’s one she’s earned,” says the pal. “She’s respectful but full of her own ideas about the work.”

The friend also maintains that Spears has also regained her focus, both mentally and professionally. “I think that so many people have no idea that Britney is fully aware of what’s going on. She may not always have been, but she is now,” says the pal. “And she is – if not in control – in partnership with her father and her managers in her future.”


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