Britney Excited About Her Vegas Show Concept, Delays Continue

April 16, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Britney Excited About Her Vegas Show Concept, Delays Continue

Big plans to announce Britney’s two-year Las Vegas residency are underway, but the start date is still unknown, reports

“It’s a very large, moving jigsaw puzzle — there are so many parts to this,” said a reliable source. “Key people want tickets to go on sale at the same time as the official announcement about the contract signing and show details are released.”

“There will be a major marketing and advertising effort behind this. There will be a press conference in Las Vegas and other events with Britney, plus, major world TV coverage and photography.”

Now, it’s a matter of getting the venue, PH Live at Planet Hollywood, in tip-top shape for the Queen’s 40 shows. Britney can look forward to new audio and video equipment which causes delays due to construction and installation updates. Until that’s worked out, they can’t announce dates and ticket sales. Then comes the timetable for Britney’s rehearsals, including hiring dancers, cast, crew and staff. The timeline is built toward a “for the moment.”

Despite the rigmarole, Britney’s excited about the concept of the show, but she can’t progress until her management knows more concrete details about the venue availability dates.

A big problem executives face is whether to announce the show before the month’s end, or wait until until dates and ticket information is solid.

“Everything is moving closer and closer to wrap up the final parts of the puzzle. Britney wants to come to Las Vegas and is excited and looking forward to it. But she’s waiting now like everybody else for the last pieces to drop into place and get her start date,” I was told.

I honestly think they should announce it before ticket sales and dates are ready. Fans will eat that **** up no matter what time, but you’re losing steam by waiting this long to announce it. Pull the trigger!