This was posted by a Britney fan (unknown) at a forum. I suggest you read it cuz it reveals cool info!

Unkown fan: I was in Nevada, around the Lake Tahoe area and out of nowhere I turn my head to see Britney Spears and Kevin Federline holding hands walking down the street. I immediately walked over and told her how much of a fan I was and that she is a true inspiration to me. She smiled and said, “Hearing that has seriously made my day!” I smiled widely and asked her about, ‘My Prerogative,’ and she said, “I chose the song cause it’s something I can relate and I chose the producers and everything cause I wanted things to go perfectly.” I asked her about the video and she replieed, “Well it will be out in September, a little bit after the song premieres at radio.” I thanked for for her time and asked for an autograph and she gave me one with a little note saying, “Thank you so much for being a great person, you made my day! – Britney”. I gave her a hug and was about to leave but then I said, “Wait! What about the VMAs, are you going?” All I got was a, “We’ll see!” I am still so happy!

Note: I can’t guarantee if this is true or not…

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