Pregnant pop star BRITNEY SPEARS was so devastated by the negative reaction she received after her appearance on US news show DATELINE, she chopped off all her hair and dyed it black to help her image. The TOXIC singer received a barrage of criticism for appearing on the show in a sheer, low-cut top, denim mini-skirt and flip-flops earlier this month (JUN06). She reportedly insisted on doing her own hair and makeup for the interview and was slammed for appearing “dishevelled”, with the New York Post reporting that fans called her hair a “rat’s nest”. A source tells American publication Us Weekly after the interview, “She felt terrible. She pulled out her extensions and bought a bottle of dark hair dye. “She didn’t understand her image problem until the negative feedback about Dateline.” Spears’ representative insists the singer checked with her doctor first to see if dying her hair was safe for her unborn child adding, “It’s vegetable dye and will wash right out.” She then chopped her hair into a short bob, neglecting to tell editors of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, who were featuring her on an upcoming cover, what she had done. Spears showed up at the cover photo shoot last Friday (23JUN06) with her new look and according to Us Weekly, the magazine’s editors were “horrified”. Stylists for the shoot had to work quickly to undo the damage and decided to add brunette hair extensions at the last minute.

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