All is not well in the bedroom department of newlyweds Britney and thingummyjig, as the pair come to blows over a tricky boudoir topic.

No, not that one.

The velour-covered duo have had a very public spat over which duvet cover to buy for their new love-nest.

On seeing the flowery designs in LA shop Shabby Chic, acne-sporting Brit nearly omigoshed herself into apoplexy.

However, her baseball capped hubby was not so sold on the daisy-decorated duvet.

“He was having none of it,” an onlooker blabbed to the Daily Star, “She wanted the girliest of all the designs and he looked aghast.

“You could see there was no way he was having their bedroom looking like it belonged to Barbie and all the puppy eyes in the world couldn’t persuade him.”

However, as these things tend to go in the real world, Britney eventually chose the one she wanted – and Kevin ended up paying.

And also true to marital compromise, Kev was then appeased by being bought lots of gadgets in a nearby electrical store.

If this was then followed by half an hour of tense silence in the car home, we’d have to say the Federlines have probably got this marriage malarkey sown up.

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