During a brief break from her custody hearing on Friday, Britney Spears told reporters that “everything’s great” at the court appearance.

The singer and her ex-husband Kevin Federline both arrived at the courthouse amid a media frenzy earlier in the afternoon.

Spears, who arrived in her white Mercedes-Benz along with longtime friend Alli Sims, wore a long-sleeved dress and sunglasses. Spears, who came through security at around 1:40 p.m., followed by most of her legal team, smiled slightly and ignored questions as she walked into the courtroom.

Five minutes later, Federline arrived decked out in a dapper gray suit and sporting close-cropped hair and diamond studs in each ear. He silently made his way into the courtroom with his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Inside the courtroom, Federline took a seat and discreetly glanced over to his right where Spears was seated. She, however, kept her arms folded in front of her, and never turned to look at her ex.

After the judge entered the courtroom, both Spears and Federline stood simultaneously and were sworn in. When asked to state her name, Spears replied quietly, “Britney.” Federline stated his full name.

About an hour into the hearing, Spears exited courtroom with attorney Anne Kiley for a short break. Asked how the appearance was going, she replied, “Everything’s great.”

Source: people.com

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