Britney Dropped By The Dance Studio Again

Britney Spears dropped by the dance studio again today, confirming yes, she’s definitely up to something.

It’s one thing if photogs spotted Britney leaving Starbucks, but it’s another when photogs spot her holding Starbucks leaving a dance studio (for the second day in a row)! Brit sparked a fire (who got the lighter) when she rolled out of the studio on Monday in full hair & makeup wearing her “Work *****” Piece Of Me costume. She’s either run out of sweats and oversized shirts, or homegirl has something up her sleeve!

Brit also dropped by the studio last week.

Exhale’s speculating she’s adding a new song to the opening number of Piece Of Me, but in my perfect little world Britney’s actually gearing up to film a new music video.

What do YOU think Brit’s up to?

Image: FameFlynet via Zimbio