This ****’s gonna get blown up way out of proportion, I can see it now. The yellow fonted headlines will read: “Britney charged with wreckless driving and ignoring stop light,” or “Britney puts herself and son in danger speeding through traffic.”

Clearly, she’s stuck in the middle of the intersection when she HAD the green light. But it’s hard to drive when the paparazzi are A. in your way and B. using their flash when taking numerous pictures. I can barely drive when another car’s headlights shine in my face, let alone 20 cameras!

There has to be some law against taking pictures of her in the middle of an intersection. And I’m sure the paps will give the “pedestrians have the right of way” line. Just click to stream.

And here is the parenting monitor crouching down in her seat because by the looks of it she doesn’t want to be photographed either. No wonder Brit tried to make a quick escape.


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