We have it on good authority that screen capture floating around is fake.


UPDATE: We have it on very good authority the screen capture in question is 100% fake. Might as well stop reading.

It’s Britney *****.

Historically, Britney has a flawless track record for following through on her commitments. Whether it’s a performance or an appearance, it takes a lot for Queen B to miss out. Unfortunately, not the case this past Wednesday (Jan. 6) when she was a no-show at the Peoples Choice Awards despite her official RSVP.

Minutes after the show ended, Britney posted a message on her social media accounts explaining she fell ill and couldn’t make it. She said:

“I wish I could have been at the People’s Choice Awards tonight but I started feeling sick. Thank you so much for voting for me for Favorite Social Media Celebrity! This is dedicated to my fans, the Britney Army – without you this would not be possible. I love that I can share my world with you and that you are so supportive of me. Remember to be kind online and spread love <3 #thankyou


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Understandably, Brit’s fans were disappointed, but most moved on. Some… not so much. One Britney Army member went as far as to send her a direct message on Instagram that, if the screen captures are to be believed, struck a nerve with the Pop Queen.

Fan: “WHY did you not attend the PCAs? Why do you not care about your fans or your career? We’ve been through so much, and you couldn’t even TELL us before the show ended? Are you even sick?”

Britney: “I am sick in bed!! My doctor advised me to stay home I care about my fans you don’t know me stop acting like you do. That was absolutely rude of you to say… You’re not a fan”


There’s major speculation surrounding the alleged captures. Britney doesn’t typically respond to negative comments, so we’re skeptical. However she’s really dived into using Instagram as of late, so perhaps she did indeed respond.

We’ll just go about our day assuming they’re authentic.

Remember to be kind online and spread love.