Britney Donates Money To Tsunami Victims

January 7, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Pop Princess Britney Spears is added to the list of Hollywood Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Paulina Rubio and Sandra Bullock who have donated part of their incomes to help the victims of the Tsunami in Asia.

In Hong Kong, entertainers have also come together in aid of the tsunami victims. A concert will be held Friday to raise funds for the tsunami survivors. Currently, the Hong Kong Performing Arts Guild is recording a Chinese version of ‘We Are the World’ for the show, produced by songwriters Jonathan Lee and Anthony Lun.

Former Mickey Mouse Musketeer Britney Spears donated $400,000 to the survivors of this catastrophe and to help regions devastated by the Tsunamis.

”I can feel the helplessness of the people hit by earthquakes. I can feel the warmth they feel and the gratitude they want to express when they are given donations. We are public figures and should lead society in donating”- She says.

NBC will be also holding a Marathon this week to help raise money for the victims. thanks

I had no doubt Britney would be so kind as to dobnate some of her money, I love you for doing this, it is nicve to know that you care about owrldwide issues and try your hardest to help them, i myself know some people wrapped up in the tsunami disaster and its nice to know you care, love ya!